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Fire Notice

This notice applies to both Blue Boat Cottage and Seaways

•    Please familiarise yourself with the Fire Action Notices displayed on the welcome board/entrance hall of each property which tell you what to do in the event of a fire. There you will also find a plan of the property with the exit routes clearly marked. 
•    There are interlinked smoke and heat detectors across each property to alert you in the event of a fire, which are checked at every changeover.
•    There is a fire blanket in the kitchen for use in the event of a small fire or as a shield to exit the property.
•    All exits doors have internal thumb turn locks enabling you to exit without the use of a key.
•    All windows are left unlocked as an additional escape route. There is a window key included with your guest keys, should you wish to lock any windows for security purposes.
•    There are night lights plugged into power sockets in each property, which also double up as torches. In the event of a power failure the torches will automatically light up and you can lift them out of their holders to use as a normal torch.
•    Both properties are strictly non-smoking. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes.
•    We do not have an electric car charger at either property. The charging of electric vehicles is not permitted as this could be a fire hazard and invalidates our property insurance. The nearest EV charging points are BP Pulse and are located at East Lindsay District Council Car Park, Marine Avenue, Sutton on Sea, LN12 2ET. 
•    We do not allow the use of any of the following within either property: extension cables, candles, tea lights, oil burners, portable heaters, deep fat fryers.​

•   A fire risk assessment has been carried out at each property. Copies are available from the links below and also in the welcome handbooks at each property.

Blue Boat Cottage Fire Risk Assessment - January 2024

Seaways Fire Risk Assessment - January 2024

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