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Accessing our properties

This information applies to both Blue Boat Cottage and Seaways

Both Blue Boat and Seaways holiday cottages are bungalows. There is parking available outside the front of each property. There is single step access up into each front door and again down out of each back door into the garden. All shower rooms have a shower cubicle with single step access up into the shower tray. Otherwise there is level access throughout the rest of each property.


We have had Fire Risk Assessments completed for each property and have received the following guidance:


Blue Boat Cottage

"The two bedrooms are to the rear of the property. The normal exit route from the bedrooms would be through the kitchen. The bedrooms are therefore ‘inner rooms’, (rooms from which escape can only be made by passing through another room). This can be considered acceptable in this property because both of the bedrooms have fully opening escape windows. However, as the property relies on bedroom escape windows it would not be appropriate to accommodate severely disabled persons in this premises. (i.e. persons who would not be able to exit via the bedroom windows should it be required)."



"In a single storey property, escape windows can be accepted as compensation for other deficiencies in escape routes, so this can be applied in this case. Although highly unlikely, the fact that if a fire occurs in the kitchen persons will have to pass a ‘non-compliant door’, does mean that the suitability of the escape route in the property for disabled persons, (i.e. persons who would not be able to use the escape windows), has to be considered. You should take account of this when advertising and letting the property."


Therefore to ensure the safety of our guests, we are unfortunately unable to take bookings if someone in the party has impaired mobility or a disability that would prevent them from being able to escape through a bedroom window in the case of an emergency.


Further information about our fire policy and risk assessments can be found on the Fire Notice page.

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